Project Overview


  • Online Department


    • Corporate video


  • Factual, subtle, human
The title of this corporate video voice-over for a web user experience design agency was ‘more time for care’, which was also the pay-off line at the end of the video – so it was important, after all was said and done, to wrap the viewer in a feeling of warmth, trust and confidence.

The client, Online Department, had obviously not only requested a British male voice-over, but also one who was able to convey scientific facts in a reasonably neutral, but subtly human way.

They particularly asked for a ‘touch of humanity at the right times’, since their business is to ‘make websites and software more human and more user-friendly’.

With this direction in mind, I set about watching the draft video in careful detail, isolating the places where I would need to pause and deliver mild emphasis.

This allowed me to provide a pared back performance – with the subtlest of flourishes – to enhance, ever so slightly, the visual cues on screen; in essence, giving ‘more time for care’.

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