Project Overview


  • Gazelle Bikes


    • Corporate video


  • Friendly, relaxed, informative
Sometimes, a nicely shot and edited video with well-chosen music can immediately let a voice-over artist know how to deliver the script without any direction.

This corporate product video voice-over was for the European bicycle manufacturer, Royal Dutch Gazelle, which is now turning out a range of electric bikes (or e-bikes).

The aim of the performance was to talk about the Gazelle Easyflow’s features with simplicity, style and a smile.

I’m sure that Herman (Gazelle employee and star of the video) would agree that’s what we achieved.

In fact, Gazelle used me as their UK voice-over for several more videos in their e-bike range, one of which you can also see below left.

The footage for the Gazelle Ultimate (on the left) hadn’t actually been shot when I was asked to  record the voice-over, so I had to imagine what might be happening on screen to help with my read.

But having done the UK English voice-over versions of several of these product videos, I had a fairly good idea of what viewers would see (you might say it was as easy as riding a bike).

If you’re interested in one of these premium, power assisted bicycles, you can find out more, including prices, on the Gazelle UK website.

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