Project Overview


  • Hepromij Animal Feed


    • Corporate video


  • Cool, reassuring, modern
This is a perfect example of how the corporate video voice-over style has evolved over time, blurring the lines between commercial and corporate messaging.

This slick, ultra-modern B2B voice-over project was for Dutch animal feed manufacturer, Hepromij (pronounced hay-pro-my).

Paying attention to the mood and pacing set by the music and visuals, the aim with this performance was to comment lightly on the action in a laid-back, unobtrusive way.

At the same time, it was important to draw out a kind of cool, calm reassurance and confidence about the business’s main selling points, such as its family values, its highly customised service, and its market-leading quality standards.

You might say that in order to deliver on the final line, ‘feed with a difference’, this UK English voice-over needed to deliver ‘a read with a difference’, too.

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