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  • Festo


    • Explainer video


  • Informative, useful, helpful
This UK English voice-over demonstrates that not all explainer videos have to be animated to communicate their messages effectively.

This particular explainer video voice-over was for Festo, which provides technical tools for more than 35 industries worldwide.

The voice-over itself could be classed as a technical product explainer – and was among a series of voice-overs that were recorded for the firm, which produces things like motors, sensors, robots and servos.

I hadn’t seen the product video before I recorded the voice-over. Nor did I have any idea that I would be effectively providing the English voice for the company representative on screen. And I can’t say that I had much understanding of the content. But that’s why companies like Festo, which are turning over €3.6 billion a year, use a professional voice-over artist: to make their technical portfolio relatable and to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

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