Project Overview


  • Vittoria


    • Web commercial


  • Urgent, dynamic, driven
“Discover the tyre choice of the pro riders”.

This is one of the website straplines for Vittoria – the world’s leading manufacturer of performance bicycle tyres.

The company, which began in Italy in 1953, is nowadays well known in the cycling community for its high quality products.

The firm’s success is built on constant product innovation and the pursuit of greater precision and better performance for its world-famous riders.

So it was important that these ideas of pedal-pumping, gear-shifting determination, urgency and relentlessness came across in my voice-over for the brand’s Corsa tyres.

But really, the styling of the video demanded it.



During recording, we discussed whether the voice-over should be a kind of distant narrator commenting on the action, or more of an ambitious and determined rider, straining every sinew.

In the end, the voice-over was a combination of both: a commanding read that both oversees and takes part in the journey across the gritty landscapes.

The result was a dynamic presentation of the product, which aims to inspire all cyclists to test the limits of their endurance and to push themselves beyond their limits.

Two videos were produced (a 30-second and a 17-second version) and streamed via You Tube pre-roll advertising (adverts that you tend to see before your chosen video).

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