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  • Motel One


    • Corporate video


  • Warm, inviting, homely
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of visual storytelling that I’ve ever had the pleasure to provide the voice-over for.

This was a corporate video voice-over (also known as a brand film voice-over) for the German-based international hotel chain, Motel One, which has more than 80 hotels in 12 countries across Europe, the UK and USA.

It tells the story of three sets of people – a businessman, a couple and a pair of friends – as they embark on, and experience, their own individual, enjoyable stays.

The visuals, including intimate close-ups and subtle hints to the company’s colours in virtually every shot, are really nicely put together.

Meanwhile, the music – from its twinkling piano at the start, to its synth-driven crescendo and soothing strings at the end – provides a perfect accompaniment, wrapping the viewer in cosy, homely feelings.

In German, such a feeling would probably be called ein gemütliches Gefühl.

This UK English voice-over project for Motel One actually came from a German original (which you can watch on the left).

Luckily, I’ve been able to speak German for many years, so there was a bit of preparation to ensure that the translated text would work rhythmically and visually – and that the right feelings would be conveyed at the right times.

It soon became clear that certain words were meant to land on certain shots, and that the German script and visuals had been very carefully planned to tell the story, but even though the English translation is a bit more succinct compared to the original German text, I think we got a great result.

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