Project Overview


  • Philips


    • Corporate video


  • Corporate, calming, professional
As a UK English corporate video voice-over, it’s always nice to be greeted by a message that reads: “we simply love your voice and tone” and “we are looking forward to your audio”.

The client’s vocal direction for this project was also quite direct (“corporate, but not too dull”), so having been sent the finished video to also react to, I set about recording this medical voice-over for Philips and its innovative, streamlined way to diagnose and treat hospital patients.

It’s worth saying that the original music (which I based my performance on) was a bit more ethereal than what you hear in the final video. It also had longer notes and futuristic-sounding percussive elements, which informed the read.

But I think it’s fair to say that the voice-over, with its calming bedside manner, still functions well in the final version.

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