Ready For Launch


There’s a lot of hard work that goes into launching a website for a voice over business. It’s a bit like a space launch.

First, you need the ideas. Second, you need the engineering to push those ideas forward. Third, you need the team to bring those ideas and engineering together. Fourth, you need a launchpad to propel yourself upward, to rip away at gravity and punch a hole into the deep, dark unknown.

The following video is intended to be that launchpad for my voice over career. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I and my team did making it. Please feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Special thanks goes to Harrison for the vision behind my logo design, to Ryan, Ross and Rob for my web design and logo animation, and to Edison, Rob and Ivan for joint their work on my teaser trailer.

(Chas Rowe Voiceover Teaser Trailer images are generously supplied by Twitter user Ebajgora17Flickr users Andy Armstrong, Pierre-Selim, freeimage4life, Hans PõldojaSierra Schwartz and photographer Tom Pumford under Creative Commons Licensing. Images edited from originals and rendered in black and white with blurred edges).


Audio and video concept by Chas Rowe, young UK male voiceover artist.

Copyright Chas Rowe 2018.